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Icy Cape Town weather cannot prevent us from talking Futures!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I gathered with 32 young religious leaders and a few mentors for a futures workshop last Friday (28 June 2019). And as in life, we plan and then something else happens….a power transformer in the Paarl area blew the night before, so we gathered in the cold and wet in Wemmershoek to discuss the future(s).

We talked about AI, about opportunities in our communities and about creating the futures we desire. The youngsters were keen, full of ideas and in no time were able to envision education of the future, autonomous cars and ‘human only’ jobs. One attendee even said that some of the methodologies enabled her to compile a plan to deal with a family medical crisis. It was heartwarming to hear.

As ever, I was humbled by the impact futures thinking had on the group and I left to start my (cold) weekend with a warm heart.



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