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New Futures Thinking Videos, Ready for Early Review

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

New Curriculum and Teaching Tools for Spring 2024

We have been hard at work this summer and fall realizing a long-term goal of expanding Teach the Future’s educational materials by producing a series of videos and instructional materials for teachers, classrooms, schools, and school districts.

These 5-7 minute videos are loosely based on the popular Futures Thinking Playbook, which consists of 142 pages of class plans, thinking exercises, and ways to make future thinking an enriching educational activity.

The lessons (10) are recorded and are now in the editing process. In many cases, the original concepts in the Playbook are discussed in detail with new ideas presented in this easy-to-share video format. The entire series will be complete in Spring 2024.

Designed to reach middle school students, the content of the series touches on different perspectives, understanding teamwork, and accepting change. Topics address, trends, events, imagining and envisioning as well as foresight practices to cultivate and support futures thinking.

Filling a Need for Futures Thinking Teaching Tools

Foresight instruction and futures thinking are critical for educators, yet there is a lack of tools, teaching materials, and general guidance for teachers and schools. Teachers are often busy.

Teach the Future’s network will assist in getting these powerful instructional tools into the hands of foresight educators worldwide. YouTube’s translation capability increases accessibility.

We Want to Hear from You!

Teach the Future's Video Production team at work in September 2023: John Pearce Boyer, videographer, Debra Weistar, Director, Peter Bishop, Author & Narrator, Pamela Biery, Producer, Showrunner (Not shown: Ross Pleyto, editor)

We want to hear from you and collect insights about classroom needs and perspectives on futures thinking instruction!

This is a path we are on together to provide greater accessibility to solid teaching materials that are inspiring and integrate futures thinking into classrooms.

To this end, we have a sample video for you to view, test, and share.

Check out our new microsite at and see the sample video today! Want to share the sample video directly? See it on YouTube now.

We invite you to add a review or comments here. This will help guide our ongoing development as well as share a new exciting way to teach the future.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey to grow futures teaching!

If you have questions concerning accessing these new teaching tools for your classroom, school, or school district, contact

Want to support this work and other Teach the Future projects? Donate today via Paypal here.

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