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Dubai Future Forum ~ Largest Transcontinental Collaboration

The Dubai Future Forum (DFF) is the largest transcontinental annual futures gathering hosted at the iconic Museum of the Future that convenes over 1000 futurists, thought leaders, experts across sectors, and government representatives. Together, they anticipate challenges, envision opportunities, and shape the future across critical themes. After the highly successful inaugural 2022 Forum, Teach the Future was honored to receive an invitation to participate again in 2023.

The Forum provides an unmatched global platform for participants across industries and organizations to exchange insights, find inspiration, and form an enduring community focused on addressing humanity's most pressing issues.

Teach the Future arrived eager to contribute to these vitally important conversations and collaborations with other groups shaping the frontiers of foresight education. We also aimed to explore opportunities to uplift young perspectives at this gathering to empower the next generation of global changemakers.

The vibrant exchange of ideas at the Dubai Futures Forum highlights the enormous potential for amplifying a greater diversity of voices, especially those of our youth.

As partners seeding the next generation, the Forum and Museum have a remarkable chance to directly engage students worldwide through dynamic programming. Involving young citizens at this pioneering gathering would allow their indispensable perspectives to help shape future aspirations. It would also empower these youth as changemakers spreading futures methodologies across borders. With students at the table building futures discourse, the DFF stands to catalyze an even more thoughtful and forward-looking forum.

"After connecting virtually for the past three years, putting actual faces to names has been incredibly valuable. While online spaces have allowed crucial dialogues, nothing compares to the energy and insight gained from in-person exchanges. This forum offered a long-awaited chance to assemble our community and harness our collective potential. Moving forward, the relationships forged and ideas sparked promise to enrich the vital work ahead enormously." - Lisa

“2,500 participants, 150 speakers, 70 sessions and workshops, 100+ global institutions specializing in foresight and futures studies, 100+ countries, 100+ students gather to gather insights from futurists on topics such as AI, future generations, education for the future, innovation, sustainability and methodologies

” -Rosa

“ ⚡ It was a unique opportunity to meet and learn with colleagues and friends from around the world. Many of them with whom I was already working in foresight projects online.

💡 The key highlight for me was the realisation that futures thinking is being more and more present within youth contexts, facilitating their true engagement and including them in decision making processes. Congratulations to the team at UNICEF Innocenti and Next Generation Foresight Practitioners, School of International Futures (SOIF),for boosting this important endeavour.” -Lourdes

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