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Countdown to World Futures Day 2024 - 20 Reasons to Join the Global Conversation

There are just 20 days left until World Futures Day 2024! This annual event facilitates visionary 24-hour discussions across time zones about humanity's horizons of possibility. 

The sooner you register, the more World Futures Day session options open up to match your schedule across 24 hours of programming. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to link with change-makers united by futures thinking/literacy and a shared vision of conscious evolution. Let's countdown together! Register today here.

Last year’s recap video:

As we countdown to March 1st, here are 20 compelling reasons to tune into the World Futures Day conversations celebration:

1. Spark Visionary Thinking - Expand perspectives through future-focused dialogues seeking innovative ideas. 

2. Gain Optimism for Progress - Empowering talks centered in potential make people feel motivated and hopeful.  

3. Connect with Fascinating People - Build your network by meeting global futurists, young leaders, and change makers.

4. Dive into Intriguing Topics - Sessions explore fascinating concepts like anticipatory media literacy, cooperative economic systems, transforming unjust systems, and more.  

5. Tap Visionary Young Minds - Be energized by fresh outlooks, creativity and positivity from youth worldwide.  

6. Cross Generations and Cultures - Learn through diverse inputs, intergenerational insights, and cross-country comparisons. 

7. Share Your Visions - Voice your dreams and offer ideas on consciously moving toward better futures.  

8. Spread Enthusiasm - Join the momentum of constant forward-thinking exchanges encircling the planet.

9. Feel Empowered - Gain greater awareness that you can impact and lead progress on societal priorities. 

10. Help Consciously Shape What’s Next - Contribute to purposeful movement towards more just, sustainable and preferred futures.

11. Develop Futures Literacy Skills - Enhance ability to better anticipate, analyze and influence external change.   

12. Bring Futures Tools Into Your Classroom - Get ideas for teaching critical, creative, and systems thinking. 

13. Help Youth Gain Agency - Equip next generations to turn imagination into innovation and purposeful action.   

14. Connect Student Passions with Purpose - Align studies and careers with contributing to better futures.  

15. Build Intergenerational Partnerships - Foster collaboration between youth and experts to accelerate progress.  

16. Provide Hope Countering Dystopia - Shift worrying dialogue into discussions centered on possibility.  

17. Envision Long-Horizon Implications - Practice assessing cascading and unintended consequences over time.  

18. Question Limiting Assumptions - Examine biases that restrict ideas of what’s possible.   

19. Expand Mindsets Stuck in the Present - Journey beyond current beliefs, constraints, and socialized perspectives.  

20. Gain Shared Foresight for Humanity - Co-create ethical priorities for technology, governance, education, climate, and more.

2023 WFD-YV –

  • YV discussions were held in all 24 time zones for the first time.

  • Registrations came from 54 countries.

  • Over 450 registrants participated.

  • Recognized by the Association of Professional Futurists for Recognizing Intergenerational Voices (Honorable Mention)

Be Part of the Conversation! Register today here.



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