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Brasil’s Favillage Project and the Use of Gamification for Teaching Futures Thinking, + New Podcast

Teach the Future’s Brasil Hub is very busy with specific projects and also activities from its members. In this blog post, we congratulate member Danilel Martins’ successful Favillage Project and look at associated gamified activities that support futures thinking in early education. Watch for more news from Brasil on Teach the Future’s Brasil social media accounts, Instagram @teachthfuturebrasil and on LInkedin:

Brasil continues its many activities exploring, developing and teaching futures thinking. Daniel de Sant'anna Martins, Founder of D+1 Design & Games and his team were recently awarded second place in the Good Living 2050 competition, promoted by Beacon for Sustainable Living, aimed to advance the search for creative strategies and innovative approaches that enable a quality life for all, taking into account the need to reduce our ecological footprint, reflecting the scale, urgency and magnitude of the changes required. (With 20 finalists from 10 different countries, Brasil won two of the three available awards.)

Second place was awarded to the Favillage project, carried out by the team formed by @Ana Paula (Futurista), @Ludymila Pimenta, @André Arruda, @Augusto Facundo and @Daniel Martins

Learn more about the Favillage Project on Spotify,

"I am always excited to share my work, which is dedicated to futures learning with Teach the Futures Brasil. I enjoy being part of an active affiliation with other foresight educators and helping to grow futures literacy."— Daniel Martins, Teach the Future Brasil Hub member

And for those of you who like to understand a little about the methodologies used by those who study futures, see the contest's winning narrative and images:

(Note: use YouTube’s subtitles to put in your language)

This podcast via YouTube episode of Futurês, celebrates our ability to desire futures and explores how we can create a brighter tomorrow for all of us and transform it into tangible realities, influencing the course of history.

To listen on YouTube:

Gamified Realities

Over the course of four months, Daniel also coordinated and created the "Gamified Realities" specialisation along with the amazing Rafael Hessel and Domenico Massareto.

“Our proposal was bold: to make students, advertisers, see the game not as an artifact, but as a language full of possibilities and diverse expressions. We introduced a series of methods, processes, tools and mindsets that the students had never heard of and that sometimes caused a real cognitive overload in the poor guys, lol.

They asked me "Is it to deliver a board in the final project?" and I answered with all the love and affection that usually governs my pedagogical practice: "I'm on boards with ideas... I want you to understand why you are doing the project, and make it tangible... If in the end you understand that you need a board, make a board." I have never seen students in such a short time absorb such a large amount of knowledge and translate it into a project unanimously perceived by the board as "extremely complete, rich, affective, empathetic, potent, and so necessary for the world that really needs to exist". It's projects and students like these that make me LOVE being an educator. Gratitude boys. A special thanks to Miami Ad School for trusting me with the role of pedagogical coordinator. Let other classes come!”—Daniel Martins

Follow Daniel to learn more about his use of gamification in future education techniques: -

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