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As Dear Andy Hines says " Begin with the Future in Mind" so did the 5th. Grader Masal in Türkiye

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Masal Sahra, a 5th. Grader at Gen Schools in İstanbul wrote a poem during Futures Studies Class. Masal, her first name meaning "TALE" in Turkish, says she loves the Futures Studies Class and enjoys the time in the classroom as well as at home while having endless talks with her parents. Masal is a proud Futureteen at the Campus and improvised her poem " I got the Future on my Mind " during a Futures Studies class.


The year 2042,

gone 20 years forward.

With 2022

no similarity

I woke up, the time is ahead.

I felt sort of weird.

Everybody thin and tall,

thank to technology

School still exists.

I still go there.

I thought I should study.

I did not figure out where my book was.

A robot standing across me.

a tablet on my desk.

a helmet on my head.

Robot did not stop writing.

Obviously these helmets

mind-transferred all subjects.

I just realize,

apparently it was the school itself

When I arrived home,

there was a shopping list.

Was about to go to the grocery,

the door bell rang

A tiny robot at the door,

holding shopping bags.

Spagetti, sweets and yogurt.

Was surprised and took the bags.

Gone back inside.

Wanted to do some reading.

Couldn’t find book.

Holding my phone in my hand,

read my e-book

Dinner time approached,

Did not know what to eat,

Suddenly a voice;

asked “ tell me your allergies”

Answered it straight.

A dish appeared on the table,

never experienced before.

Just ate it with big appetite.

Laid on my bed,

began dreaming,

even picked my own dream.

Technology topped everything.

Next day arrived.

Had my breakfast.

Thought to go to the zoo.

Arrived there soon.

What I saw suddenly,

it had been ruined totally.

Asked myself curiously

where did all the animals go ?

Then I learned,

cats and dogs

Were the only survivors.

All animals were extinguished.

Came back home,

was so exhausted.

Threw myself into the couch,

fell a sleep like a baby.

I got the future on my mind.

One day it will come.

Positive and negative as well.

may be possible in the future

So much for my poem

Thank you of listening :)



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