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Are you Ready for the Future? Foresight Toolkit

Diana Stafie, Romania HUB Director and founder of Future Station

"Are you Ready for the Future?" Foresight Toolkit for teenagers and adults. The Toolkit is built around 5 superheroes that actually represent the 5 dimensions of our Future Consciousness, as researched by the team at Turun yliopisto - University of Turku. Each superhero goes through various future quests, plus study cases around the Future of Truth.

This material complements the Foresight project Diana and her team have done for the Monomyths Association and Young Initiative, as part of the "2040 Post-Pandemic Narratives – Artifacts from the Future of Truth", which illustrates trends and possible scenarios for truth futures towards 2040.

Check out the toolkit, scenario posters, and more at the access link above.


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